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Interesting facts about Indian handball

1. Handball’s introduction in India

It was in 1972 that this attractive and fast-paced sport grabbed the attention of the Indians as it was played for the first time by individuals in the country. It was Haryana where the sport took baby steps before being promoted to the next level. Currently, handball has more than 80,000 registered players in the country.

2. First Nationals on football field

After developing the sport in the country, Haryana hosted the first-ever Senior National Tournament in Rohtak in 1972. Haryana emerged as the first national champions while Vidarbha secured the silver medal. The tournament was played on a football field and the sport was continued to be played outdoors until 1975.

3. International experience

The first time the Indian men’s handball team participated in any tournament abroad was in 1979. The team travelled to Nanjing, China to take part in the Asian Championships. It was also the first time that Indian players were introduced to the indoor handball facilities. India concluded the event with fifth-place finish. On the other hand, the women’s team had travelled to China for its first international tournament back in 1987.