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Halla Bol of Premier Handball League!

The Meet and Greet Premier Handball League and Press Conference before the start of the dramatic knock-out phase of the thrilling tournament recently. The four teams that played in the semi-finals of the PHL are Maharashtra Ironmen, Telugu Talons, Rajasthan Patriots and Golden Eagles Uttar Pradesh. During the occasion, Ajay Data (Chairman PHL), Vivek Lodha (Director Finance PHL) Abhinav Banthia (President PHL), Deepak Data (Investor PHL) and Vigyan Lodha (Investor PHL) were present on the occasion. About the match, Maharashtra Ironmen were the first team to book their berth in the semifinals. They were followed by Telugu Talons who ended the league phase in second spot. The home team Rajasthan Patriots finished third in the league phase. The Patriots are also the only team that defeated the Maharashtra Ironmen. The fourth and final team was the Golden Eagles Uttar Pradesh, who after faltering in the early stages of the league made a dramatic comeback in the final stages to book their berth in the semi-finals of the PHL.