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Team Overview

Golden Eagles Uttar Pradesh

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Golden Eagles Uttar Pradesh is owned by the Pavna Group of Industries. They are one of the leading automotive part solution companies in South East Asia. The group, apart from its business interests, is also involved in sports goods manufacturing.

The Golden Eagles Uttar Pradesh handball team is headed by the young and dynamic entrepreneur Swapnil Jain. He shares a deep interest in the sport, with a vision to promote handball in Uttar Pradesh. Jain wants to put the state on the global map by creating world-class athletes from the region.

“Handball is a popular sport and most schools in India have included it as a part of their sports curriculum. But with time, the popularity has faded. We as a stakeholder want to support handball and enable it to regain its glory and by joining hands with PHL. We hope to achieve this goal. Our objective will be to bring the awareness and the excitement of the sport back." says Swapnil Jain, Managing Director, Pavna Group of Industries. 

Squad Officials
Priyadeep Singh