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Premier Handball League

Fast Paced and Adrenaline Filled, Handball originated in Scandinavia and Germany at the end of the 19th Century. 

Across the globe, Handball is recognized as a game of spirit, speed, fitness and skill. It is an Olympic sport and In India it is a Priority Olympic Sport. The Indian Handball Team is ranked No. 32 on the global rankings and India has been ear marked as the next big destination for Handball by The International Handball Federation. 

With 14 players per team The Premier Handball League in line with the governance of the International Authorities are set to introduce their Flagship Season in September 2020 with 6 teams representing 6 states.

At The Premier Handball League we are committed to not just delivering a top of the line sports Entertainment League but also working alongside The Handball Federation Of India and The Sports Authority Of India in ensuring the development of Handball in India at a grass-root level. 

Licensed exclusively by The International Handball Federation, The Asian Handball Federation and The Handball Federation of India over the next decade, it remains the common goal for all to ensure the success of Indian Handball and Handball Athletes at a global level and seeing our National Team’s participation in the next Olympics.

Bluesport Entertainment Private limited

Bluesport Entertainment Private Limited is a company which has been created to focus on investing and developing the sport of Handball in the Indian Market. Our objectives are: 

  • To popularize the sport of Handball and make it a household sport by curating and enabling players to reach international standards and represent India in the Olympics.
  • To create a grass root infrastructure by way of club structures in association with the Sports Authority of India to create a module to find, nourish, enable and give exposure to the athletes of tomorrow.
  • To create tie up’s with International Handball Clubs to ensure cross playing of athletes, bringing more exposure and infrastructure to the players and creating an opportunity to make India’s name shine on a global platform.
  • To ensure a viable business model to grow with the sport. 
Key People

Manu Agrawal

Manu Agrawal has spent the better part of the last two decades designing and setting up various properties traversing through the vast arena of Finance, Sports and Entertainment. With a sharp eye for business potential and a sharp acumen for numbers Manu Agrawal has successfully created and executed various business modules with the most recent one being The Premier Handball League. However, sports are no new territory for Manu who was instrumental in creating and developing the home grown Mixed Martial Arts League the Kumite 1 League. In step with his growing exposure to the world of Sports Manu singularly stitched together the base for Handball in India and secured the rights while developing the property not just from a Sports Entertainment League perspective but by also creating the way forward by way of the grass-root development of the sport hand in glove with the governing authorities.

Mrinalini Sharma

Chief Marketing Officer
With Twenty One years of experience in the entertainment industry both in-front and behind the camera, Mrinalini Sharma has garnered a vast array of knowledge. An entrepreneur in spirit, Mrinalini started her own PR and Marketing firm close to a decade back and proceeded to explore the process of content development and the business of entertainment while her company Infinite Expressions Pvt Ltd made it’s mark in the entertainment world. Always up for a challenge, Mrinalini proceeded to traverse into the world of sports as she took on the position of Chief Marketing Officer for the homegrown Mixed Martial Arts promotion Kumite 1 League where the boxing legend Mike Tyson joined her marketing campaign to champion the cause of Indian Mixed Martial Arts in India. She further went on to introduce the global mixed martial arts promotion Brave Combat Federation to India by securing the biggest broadcast deal in the history of combat sports in India.