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It is PHL Sports India Private Limited’s strong commitment to protect Premier Handball League’s fairness and integrity on and off the playing court. 

In this context, information provided by third persons (“Informant”) may constitute valuable contributions to identify and rectify potential wrongdoings that may otherwise not surface. These persons must feel trust to come forward, which implies clear reporting, investigative, prosecution and adjudicatory channels ensuring transparency, independence and impartiality at every stage. 

In the event of unexpected situation, the PHL Governing Council will implement the required modifications to find a suitable solution.


The Informant may report an alleged wrongdoing through any of PHL Sports India Private Limited’s reporting channel. 

Nevertheless the possibility to do so via the Chief Operating Officer through the dedicated and secure reporting platform is encouraged:



A wrongdoing is any violation of PHL Sports India Private Limited’s Statutes, Legal Regulations, Code of Conduct or League integrity which has allegedly been, is being or is likely to be committed. 


Cooperation and Confidentiality

The Informant shall cooperate in good faith and provide reasonable and substantiated elements. His/ her anonymity will be protected unless he/ she decides otherwise.


The COO receives the initial alert, acknowledges receipt, ensures the anonymity and protection of the Informant, keeps the latter informed on the investigation status and requests further information/ documents if necessary. 



The COO is solely responsible to investigate the allegations made by the Informant, on the basis of which he/ she shall decide, in a grounded decision and in writing, whether or not to request the initiation of further proceedings with the Executive Committee in accordance with the PHL Legal Regulations. The decision shall be communicated to the Informant and the Chief Executive Officer. 

Within the framework of the investigation, the COO may use internal and external intelligence platforms to gather all pertinent evidence and has full discretion as to how the investigation is conducted. If the COO deems fit, he/ she may request the assistance of the Legal Department of PHL Sports India Private Limited, the latter being bound by confidentiality. 

In case of conflict of interest, the COO shall immediately report to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Executive Officer may nominate a substitute. 


COO’s Decision 

A decision not to request the initiation of further proceedings may be appealed by the Chief Executive Officer to the Executive Committee.