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All You Need To Know About Handball Game | History | Rules | Court

The game arose in the northern areas of Europe, notably in Germany and Scandinavia, around the end of the nineteenth century. However, the contemporary game of handball was created in 1917 in Germany, and it has undergone numerous changes since then. The very first International game for men was played in 1925, while the first-ever International Handball game for women was played in 1930. The game had its Summer Olympics in the 1936 Berlin games and then made a reappearance in the 1972 Munich games, which were also held in Germany. The first was held outside, while the second was held indoors. The 1976 Montreal games saw the addition of a women’s version of the game.

The game is governed by the International Handball Federation, which was founded in 1947 and now has 174 members. Since 1938, every continental European team has won at least one Olympic medal, making it extremely popular in those regions of the world.