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Premier Handball League to make inroads in India soon

One of the fastest Olympic sports, handball, has not made huge inroads in India. A team sport of seven members each, handball players pass and dribble a ball up the court in an attempt to throw the ball into the opposition's goal – sometimes to see 60 goals or more in a single match.

Although the sport offers a huge adrenalin rush, it has not picked up pace in India. The reasons could be multifold, from a lack of awareness to infrastructure to lack of publicity. In short, the sport has always been under the shadows.

The advent of professional leagues has done some good for many sports in the country. The leagues have helped several sports with exposure, money and status - a case in point being the Indian Premier League, the Indian Super League, the Pro Kabaddi League and many more.

On the same lines, handball is soon set to benefit from a professional league in the country. The Premier Handball League (PHL) (owned by Bluesport Entertainment Pvt Ltd under the aegis of Handball Federation of India) is set to be launched soon. Abhinav Banthia, the president of the organization handling the league, outlaid the plans in an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda.